SERVICES - TANEX CO provides integrated services supporting client firm and/or country’s government...

TANEXCO brands itself through the excellence of its services and the integrity of its management process

TANEXCO provides integrated services supporting client firm and/or country’s government in its pursuit of economic, commercial, and public relations interests in Africa, Middle East, and North America. 

The series of strategies and duties to achieve the goals will be refined as TANEXCO works with the client to closely define international goals and priorities.

TANEXCO will place particular emphasis on private investors, in locating and developing a rapport with targeted members of the business community. Arrange appointments, conferences, and other social functions with potential investors.

Works with business community in order to improve client-country’s image, promote private investment for the country’s economy, bring together large and medium foreign Corporations with the client-country’s businesspeople for joint-venture projects, and create markets for client-country products.