SERVICES - TANEX CO provides integrated services supporting client firm and/or country’s government...

(including capacity building and investment facilitation) and Financial Engineering

TANEXCO brands itself through the excellence of its services and the integrity of its management process

provides a broad range of technical assistance to investment promotion, tailored specifically to the clients' needs. Develops and enhances skills, knowledge, and tools available to investment promotion intermediaries through training in cutting edge marketing and management techniques.

Disseminates information on investment opportunities, business operating conditions, and potential business partners in emerging markets worldwide. Promotes foreign investment by bringing together foreign investors, host governments, and project sponsors.

TANEXCO helps governments draw up strategies designed to attract foreign direct investment and to maximize the benefits this investment produces. The advices offered spans a broad spectrum including laws, policies, regulations, procedures, incentives, institutions and strategies. TANEXCO advises governments on the privatization of state-owned enterprises. Provides transaction-specific assistance to governments on Build-Operate-and-Transfer (BOT) projects. 

TANEXCO also provides advice to private sector investors on the purchase of state-owned enterprises or the restructuring of BOTs. Mobilization of funds from private investors and lenders for private sector projects. TANEXCO actively seeks partners for joint ventures and raises additional finance by inviting other institutions to make investments in the projects. Ability to act as a catalyst by mobilizing capital from institutions. 

A large network of company contacts and a special ability to match sponsors and partners with investors. A capacity to pioneer transactions that are first-of-their kind to a particular market.