SERVICES - TANEX CO provides integrated services supporting client firm and/or country’s government...

(Including trade facilitation, trade auditing, trade policy analysis) and Marketing/Sales Management

TANEXCO brands itself through the excellence of its services and the integrity of its management process

TANEXCO works closely with governments, public and private organizations to provide unparalleled Trade assistance to clients seeking to compete in the global marketplace. Provides in-depth, value-added counseling to clients firms seeking to expand their international activities, as well as to companies that are just beginning to venture overseas. 

TANEXCO Trade Specialists provide global business solutions by identifying the best markets for our clients' products; developing an effective market entry strategy; facilitating the implementation of these strategies by advising clients on distribution channels, key factors to consider in pricing, import tariffs/taxes and customs procedures, common commercial difficulties; directs businesses to market research and trade leads; and providing assistance in obtaining trade finance available through government programs and Multilateral Development Institutions, as well as access to other public and private sector entities. 

Help clients firms to compete for major overseas infrastructure contracts; identify upcoming projects and develop specific information about them; monitor worldwide infrastructure developments; offer guidance on appropriate market business contacts, contract bidding procedures, and strategies; provide advocacy during bidding. 

TANEXCO monthly e-newsletter NEWS & EVENTS informs readers about global economic activities, including finance, transportation, legal issues, major product markets, new resources and government programs, and advice on practical aspects of doing business.