SERVICES - TANEX CO provides integrated services supporting client firm and/or country’s government...

TANEXCO brands itself through the excellence of its services and the integrity of its management process

TANEXCO helps develop projects and programs that protect the global environment. Provides services related to environmental issues, including biodiversity, climate change, international waters, ozone layer depletion, land degradation (primarily desertification and deforestation), and persistent organic pollutants. 

Develops strategies and projects that are environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable. 
Works with Development Institutions, Countries, International Conventions, and Non Governmental Organizations to complement funding of projects. 
Structures and sequences activities to best achieve projects objectives. Incubates innovative business initiatives that deliver environmental and social benefits. 

Focus mainly on the following sectors: Commercially viable activities contributing to the conservation of biological diversity, facilitating the development of a commercial carbon market and delivering innovative financial products that unlock the value of carbon assets, investing in new technologies and new ways of doing business with environmental benefits where profitability can be achieved, and developing a sustainable market as well as financial intermediaries whose activities benefit the global environment and social development.