HUMAN CAPITAL - TANEXCO personnel are multilingual professionals ...

The incredible multilingual professionals and political skilled TANEXCO personnel combines years of experience in international trade and investments, resources development (including gold and iron ore mining), project development, smart management in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and USA; and significant prior exposure to commodities trading, transportation and delivery to the international market. Their ability to surmount huge logistical and geographical hurdles makes them unique.

The Management team whose background and qualification are based on practical experience has a broad exposure across each area of required proficiency. In addition, it has a large network Advisors and Consultants who provide not only innovative solutions, but also the highest level of quality service to the Company and our clients.


Cheick Boucadry Traoré
Managing Director

Manages an International Trade and Investment firm. Provides overall direction to programs that successfully address a broad range of requirements. Designs, develops and implements the strategic plan for the company in the most cost effective and time efficient manner. Responsible for both the day-to-day running of the company and developing business plans for long term future of the company. Mr. Traoré has a broad-based experience in development-project financing and international trade & investment. Over 20 years of experience in business identifications and development, and successful negotiations requiring the identification of global industries interested in trading and investment with developing countries. Served as Deputy Vice President to Automation Research Systems Ltd. (ARS). Acted as the resident expert on developing countries trade and business development issues to the company and established network linkage with Multilateral and Regional Development Banks, and Government Officials in the pertinent countries. Senior Consultant at Vallot International Consultants where he assisted foreign governments and businesses seeking to identify private sector trade and investment, cultivate various levels of political contacts in the United States of America and Africa. Fluent in Bamanan, French, and the English language.


Brigitte Reech 
Director, Finance 

Directs the investment and financial functions of the firm. Negotiates and executes contracts for the company. Responsibilities include structuring credit packages tailored to clients’ business needs, financial analysis, projections and financial statement consolidations, country risk evaluation, merger acquisition and project evaluation, and disbursement mechanisms of multilaterally funded projects. Assists the Corporation and its clients come up with investment strategies to meet their financial goals and make investment decisions. Perform balance sheet analysis; examine the audited financial statements and corollary data in order to assess risks. Work with other Directors to gain a better insight into a company's prospects and to determine the company's managerial effectiveness. Assess current trends in business practices, products, and industry competition. Responsibilities include the planning and execution of a wide range of financial strategies to meet TANEXCO’s objectives. Ms Reech has more than 20 years of private banking and institutional asset management. Among others, she has served as Vice President of Compagnie Financiere E.DE Rothschild Banque and Director of Paribas Capital Markets. Ms Reech is fluent in French, English, and a good understanding of German.

Cheick Oumar Dembélé 
Director, Operations

Executive Operation Officer directing general management functions. Sets and monitors internal policy and management systems. Responsibilities include the organization, development, and implementation of the Company programs and projects. Directs and coordinates department programs; provides technical assistance to managers; reviews and approves group goals; approves administrative services policies and procedures; evaluates program effectiveness through assessment and discussion with inter/intra department staff. Directs the preparation of administration budget; confers with group directors to ascertain mission and goals; monitors group budgets and determines conformance to the budget allocations; researches and plans methodology to reduce costs or secure funding sources; provides training to section heads in budget maintenance. Communicates and coordinates administrative programs.

Mr. Cheick Oumar Dembélé has more than eighteen (18) years of broad base experience in the fields of financial management, accounting, external and internal audit, resource planning and budgeting, donor reporting, development and implementation of local policies and procedures, including four (4) years with an International NGO in multi-cultural environments and Fourteen (14) years with two large audit firms. He is knowledgeable in OMB A-110 Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations and OMB A-122 Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations; and Donors’ procedures: The Global Fund, USAID, KFW, The World Bank, US ADF, BOAD, European Union, etc. He worked as a Managing Partner with M2CI (Consulting firm specialized in management support /consulting and audit) and as a Global Internal Audit (GIA) Advisor with Population Services International (PSIa nonprofit organization specialized in Social Marketing and Public Health, working in over 60 countries, with over $ 300 million in annual revenue) in Washington, DC USA. As the senior field Manager in the audit firm of SEC Diarra, he managed a team of 10 auditors. Mr. Dembele has also served as the Mission Director and Partner within the audit firm called AE2C.


James Derby 
Director, Mineral Resources Office 

Mineral Resources Office (MRO) manages TANEXCO’s mineral assets and to provide staff to advise the Corporate Executive Board in the development and production of minerals for the purpose of optimizing revenue to the Company from the royalties, bonuses and rentals, joint ventures generated there from. The staff consists of professionals such as geologists, engineers, accountants, auditors, attorneys who conduct the day-to-day operations of the Company's business and provide it with the information and technical advice necessary for the accomplishment of project/business. Mr. Derby has a broad-based experience in global trade & investment. Combined more than 10 years of responsible business experience in Strategic Business Planning, Information & Telecommunications Systems, and Project Planning & Management. Also, considerable experience in identifying and capitalizing upon market opportunities to introduce new products/services, and drive revenue/earnings growth in highly competitive markets. Mr. Derby is fluent in English, French, and Italian.


Alpha Ciré Bah
Director, Business Development & Governments and Institutions liaisons

Mr. Alpha Ciré Bah is in charge of the corporate international business development activities, including the technical review of project requirements and the development of market strategies. He is also responsible for strategic technology planning and for the integration of new technologies into on-going development and research efforts. Also, works with Governments and Institutions to increase the awareness and participation of Company regarding Government/Institutions policies and project development efforts in countries of interest. Responsible for planning, developing, managing, and performing the marketing and public relations on policy and legislation activities for the Company. Provides independent and relevant analysis and policy advice on economic growth, and work closely with government to provide high-quality analysis and policy advice on economic and business growth. Provide support to the executive board and connect Executives and Consultants with projects, working closely with the Institutions and Countries of interest Officers. Provides the corporation with in-depth analysis of countries political and socio-economic environment. Mr. Bah has a broad-based experience in international commerce and business development. He fluent in French, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Peulh.


Seyni Hamani
Director, Market Economy Infrastructure Development

Mr. Hamani explores what are best suited to political and economic circumstances and tools that governments can use to develop and implement politically and economically sustainable reforms. Analyses the opportunities and limitations involved in using capital markets to finance infrastructure. Provides solutions on regulatory matters, including what mix of contractual and discretionary regulatory mechanisms should be used and when can governments achieve effective outcomes using market forces. Provides strategic direction to Projects and Services. Participate in strategic planning for solutions, services, and projects development with the Director of Operations and other Senior Managers. Responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality services and overall client satisfaction. Mr. Seyni Hamani is a trained lawyer and a specialist in Transportation Logistics. His broad-based experience includes the management of a pharmaceutical company. He is fluent in French, English, Zarma and Hausa.