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TANEXCO appoints only superior, specialized trade and investment talent to manage each of its projects. 

We take it as given that African Banks want to fill the trade financing gap that exist in the African financial institutions within the framework of the prevailing worldwide financial crisis mainly in the following areas: Drying out of clean lending support from the major money centers; Absence of term financing inherent to direct lending to support trade related deals; Possible creation of a secondary market for bridge financing. Therefore, TANEXCO has decided to assist and support those Banks in resources mobilization programs by providing medium and long-term working capital and investment finance to import/exporting firms; and improve the ability of the Bank to provide financial resources to firms through development of financial intermediaries. We also intend to assist in making parameters of facilities (Extension of credit facilities, Contingent liability financing, Direct trade financing) acceptable to institutions like the regional Development Banks.

Based on a confluence of favorable factors, TANEXCO began a strategic initiative in mining exploration and development in Africa. TANEXCO is raising capital for the exploration and development of a portfolio of concessions for which it has unique access and has already completed significant development work. TANEXCO has decided to invest in gold mining because the ore grades in the chosen concessions are among the highest in the world and the return on the investment scenario is rewarding. The review of the data outlined in the different geological Reports gives prominence to the presence of gold bearing channels. We have chosen countries where laws in force are solely intended to favor and stimulate investments. Also, we believe that in those hospitable countries, nature, people and their ideas will help maximize profits from our investments.

We are working on an Oil Company expansion project in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The expansion project being the subject of the feasibility studies relates to two essential activities: expand the distribution network with fifty Gas Service Stations and a second Depot of hydrocarbons; acquisition of 60 tankers of 50 000 liters to increase the transport capacities of the existing fleet of 3000000 liters per rotation.

TANEXCO is working with Development Institutions and Real States Banks in Africa on Housing and Urban Development Projects in the Economic Community of West African States. This project will also provide access to multilateral and private sector organizations that offer financing, and/or investment services. TANEXCO programs will make available the technical assistance and resources in areas that have been prioritized by the countries and companies. Implementation of this project will provide the countries with one of the vehicles required to achieve success in their efforts to stimulate their investment objectives. TANEXCO provides an opportunity to respond to the needs of the countries with workable and beneficial projects that has the potential to meet significant returns. The most significant benefit of the projects will be realized in the economies of the concerned countries. The countries will benefit from an improved economic structure, which will translate to an improved economic growth and significant progress toward economic self-sufficiency.

TANEXCO potential to exert constructive influence or impact on different investment sectors or countries is based on prior experience of its Management, which previously dealt positively with several Development Institutions, Governments, and Corporations. The November 1999 IDB’s 10th Annual Symposium entitled: Enhancing Private Sector Participation in Physical Infrastructure identified Africa's private sector investment need as being U$87 billion in the decade of 2000-2010. This had offered TANEXCO a unique opportunity to joint venture in some of the fastest growing industries like Rural & Urban Electrification, Telecommunications and Information Technologies Infrastructure Development projects in Africa. TANEXCO engineered the financing of the Mobile phone Company, Bell Benin.

Several Governments have responded to the need of getting the private sector involved in the construction and maintenance of road, port, rail, and air links. They have allowed private firms to build, own and operate toll roads, transferred airports and harbors to domestic and overseas management, and privatized state-owned railroad companies, airlines and shipping lines. African countries reasonably well developed their ports. But, many of the harbors need to be enlarged, modernized and secured to cope with larger freight demands. Efficient harbors support a rapidly expanding trade that benefits both the ports-countries and their landlocked neighbors. We strongly agree with Development Institutions policies of promoting deregulation, which we believe would help to increase trade. But more restructuring and private management of the continent's ports are necessary to sustain the increase in the trade. Fortunately, many governments we are dealing with share our concerns. That is the reason why TANEXCO has decided to participate on the financing, construction, and management of the ports and programs of fraud reduction and container security through X-Ray scanner.

TANEXCO and its partners, and several Governments have embarked on a Fraud Reduction and Security Infrastructures Development project (Modernization and Securitization of the Civil Status System). TANEXCO has submitted the review articles on the project of Consolidation of the Civil Status System to the concerned Governments. The Reports are the result of the missions which were entrusted to us by those Governments to assist their Ministries in this important task. A Civil Status System within an adequate framework, between the hands of the advised actors and under the supervision of a structure having the necessary means, constitutes the single guarantee of the reliability and the efficiency of the Civil Status documents. We dare to hope that with the implementation of this new Civil Status System, the concerned countries will benefit from the capacity to manage the emission of the different Civil Status documents to its citizens in full safety.