COMPANY - We are the company with the “prosperity sign”...

Managing Resources

We are the company with the “prosperity sign”.

TANEX Corporation (TANEXCO) was founded in the 1990s with the purpose of managing resources globally for a prosperous future. It was then incorporated under the laws of Maryland in the United States of America. The company’s principal line of business is the identification, structuring and promotion of worldwide trade and investments.

We provide combined project development and investment expertise to Governments, International Institutions, and Private Enterprises. We offer structured finance solutions to our clients. TANEXCO technical assistance helps strengthen our clients in areas ranging from business capacity to management practices and strategies for growth. Our innovative financial products are an effective catalyst for private sector funding from other sources.

We work closely with private enterprises in identifying and taking advantage of business opportunities in developing and emerging market countries. Develop an understanding of business climate in the countries of interest and utilizes competitive advantage to compete more effectively in the industry and market of choice, including solicitation of Government Agencies, Development Assistance Institutions, and Development Banks’ financing and guarantees. TANEXCO helps client companies reengineer their production processes in order to reduce use of resources, increases efficiency, minimizes waste, and increase profitability.

Our extensive experience enables us to evaluate the risks associated with projects and offer Risk management products to our clients for hedging purposes and monitors on an ongoing basis. We even buy shares in project companies and project entities.

We assist Government clients in developing appropriate policies and institutional mechanisms to improve the business environment, attract foreign direct investments, and expand trade. Advise Governments and State enterprises on the privatization of state infrastructure assets.

TANEXCO also assists Governments and Businesses seeking to identify private sector trade and investments, cultivate various levels of political contacts in Africa, the Middle East, and America.

The Aim of TANEXCO is to contribute to the economic and social development of communities through programs of integrated investment projects. The integrated nature of our approach toward investments exemplifies our basic philosophy. We believe that an integrated investment program is an effective approach to a better utilization of renewable and non renewable of local economic resources on one hand, and a better rationalization and maximization of the development of potential local production on the other hand. This vision will be reflected in most TANEXCO projects. Obviously, TANEXCO objective is to gain respectable returns on its investments, which is one of the basic concerns of any for-profit enterprise working toward improving life conditions for all.