SERVICES - TANEX CO provides integrated services supporting client firm and/or country’s government...

TANEXCO brands itself through the excellence of its services and the integrity of its management process

TANEXCO assists clients with both financial issues, such as structuring and packaging financial plans, and industry-specific areas, such as engineering and technical advice. 

The assistance comes in a wide range of forms including market research; technical assessment; feasibility studies; project preparation; project implementation; and partnership arrangements. It also includes locating appropriate technology; pinpointing good sources of funding; and providing operational support. Helps companies formulate sound, bankable business proposals.

TANEXCO always supports the design and implementation of projects by providing accurate and timely research and analysis in the following key areas: identification and evaluation of market opportunities, project design and structuring, and project monitoring and implementation.

Our specialists develop strategic perspectives on issues, analyze the competition and focus on new business opportunities to build our client’s long-term growth and profitability. We take a leading role in developing strategy and economic forecasting, as well as communicating the client's strategies internally and externally. We work with our clients in acquisitions, investments and licensing activities that enable them to continue their expansion.

Also, to better evaluate a Client’s organization in order to achieve its goals (organizational performance and create value, growth or sustainable prosperity) our experts assist the structure with a diagnosis of its key functions, including human resources, operations and finances. Our services always take into consideration the client specificities by following this procedure:

  • Analysis of the needs in order to situate our intervention in the context of the client organization;
  • Establishment of specific findings regarding the different functions of the organization with regard to the model of management performance;
  • Establishment of strategies according to the objectives to be achieved;
  • Defining of the major issues and challenges of the organization;
  • Development of an action plan with measurable indicators.