HUMAN CAPITAL - TANEXCO personnel are multilingual professionals ...

TANEXCO Advisors provide not only innovative solutions, but also the highest level of quality service to the Company and our clients.

Yoro Diallo

Mr. Diallo has served as Vice President of Citibank for over 21 years. Responsibilities included quality service delivery of such products as cash letters, letters of credit, clean and documentary collections, money transfers, etc. As disbursement and cash collateral management specialist, he was responsible for structuring an adequate management process of collateral funds from multilaterally financed projects by the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Successfully established Citibank as the lead financial adviser and clearing bank to major African institutional companies. Also performed foreign exchange trading functions and managed Citibank foreign exchange positions and foreign exchange trading operations with trading accounts in the world major investment centers. Mr. Diallo is fluent in English, French, Wolof and Fulani languages. He has a good understanding of Arabic.


Rupert Johnson

Mr. Johnson has been involved in international commodity trading and resource development for over 40 years with experience in building markets and team collation and direction. Previous owner of international group with over 50 subsidiaries covering three core commodity areas based internationally with selected part integration to underpin the respective businesses. Specialist on logistics and oil and gas development projects, hydro-carbon trade programs and finance, working in close association with established and associated corporates. Extensive experience in the international trade of commodities relating to most forms of the trade covering the disciplines and requirements to establish market positions on S&D plus the commodity trading business fundamentals and the required integration on which to build continuity and broaden the value chain. Mr. Johnson is a trained Merchant banker. He is fluent in English and a good understanding of French.


William Mundell

Mr. William Mundell (Bill) has been chairman of IKM, which provide web-based knowledge assessment, since 2004. Previously he served as Chairman of ZBB Energy Corporation, a New York stock exchange alternative energy company focused on the development of battery technology. He is the former Chairman and CEO of Vidyah Inc., a company founded out of Knowledge Universe to create a second generation of e-learning. From 1989 through 1998, Mr. Mundell was with WEFA (now part of Global Insight), serving first as President and later as President and Chief Executive Officer. WEFA, the world’s premier economic forecasting authority, was founded in 1963 as Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates by the Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Lawrence Klein. He was also Chairman of Trade, Inc. a leading competitive intelligence company specializing in international trade information controlled by Bain Capital and Sutter Hill. Mr. Mundell was an adjunct professor at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management, and is an honorary professor at Tsinghua University in China. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science at Carlton University in Canada where he was the recipient of the U.S. Ambassadors Award. He completed his graduate studies at Columbia University, earning an MBA in Finance and a Masters in International Economics and Public Finance. In 2005, Mr. Mundell formed Californians For Fair Redistricting to advance fair redistricting reform. In 2010, he was the executive producer of “Gerrymandering”, a national documentary which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and focuses on the use of gerrymandering to fix elections and protect incumbents. He is the producer of “Better Angels” a documentary on the U.S – China relationship. William Mundell, an Economist, is also the son of Robert Mundell, the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences who is also known as the father of the Euro.